Third party manufacturing

Cure up pharma is one of the leading third party manufacturer of feed supplements & supply of other veterinary products with clients all over the globe. We started our manufacturing operations with the purpose of providing affordable and high-quality veterinary formulations for all species of animals. Cure up pharma manufactures a wide range of veterinary customised feed supplements & supply other veterinary products to meet all the needs of the animals. We do take pride in sharing that we are supplying the quality Animal nutritional products with excellent packing & quick delivery .

We exclusively supply veterinary products covered broadly under various categories:-

  • Antibiotics
  • Analgesics & antipyretics
  • Dewormers
  • Phosphorus & vitamin
  • Methylcobalamin & B- complex
  • Liver extract with vitamins
  • Veterinary injectables
  • Veterinary external preparations
  • Animal feed supplements
  • Poultry feed supplements
  • Aqua feed supplements
  • Equine feed supplements
  • Companion animal supplements
  • Pet feed supplements

We are leading manufacturer , & exporter of feed supplements which are being manufactured using high quality raw material under controlled conditions to get products of top most quality. Our quality products & quick supply has rendered us huge cliente through out .

The feed supplements broadly covered are:

  • Calcium liquid feed supplement
  • Calcium powder feed supplement
  • Calcium ionic gel
  • Calcium vitamin bolus
  • Mineral mixture feed supplement
  • Metho chelated mineral mixture feed supplements
  • Summer stress reliever tonic
  • Electrolyte / immunity booster tonic liquid & powder
  • Liver tonic
  • Udder care powder
  • Mastitis care powder
  • Milk enhancing powder
  • Toxin Binders
  • Acidifiers
  • Growth promoters
  • Probiotics powder
  • Bypass fat with vitamins & probiotics
  • Glucogenic precursors for large animals
  • Uterine tonic & Ecbolic
  • Digestive powder
  • Nutritional supplements for Pregnant large animals.
  • Vitamin A to H with nicotinamide liquid.
  • B-complex with lysine, minerals , Biotin , dl Methionine , vit C. liquid Se, E & H powder.
  • Metho organic powder (Herbal Natural Methionine) 20 kg pack.
  • Bypass Protein (groundnut)
  • Bypass Protein (Mustard)
  • Bypass Fat

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