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Cure up Pharma is a leading Animal health company in India for manufacturing, exporting, supplying of Quality Oriented Innovative Veterinary Products for better health, growth, reproduction & production of livestock, Aqua & Pet.  We are considered as one of the leading manufacturer of Animal Feed Supplements for cattle, poultry, Aqua, equine & Pet & supply of other veterinary products..

Our objective is continuous improvement of animal health with our innovative products. We aim to enhance farmer’s gains. Innovation & dedicated teamwork inspires new products & services for the valuable business growth and sustenance. We have gained huge success in this domain. We are making a good presence in domestic as well as in international market.

Veterinary Products

We take utmost care to understand the needs of our veterinary customer’s .This enable us to develop innovative quality veterinary products. These products play an important role in good health, growth & yields by the animals. The veterinary rage includes animal feed supplements, veterinary injections, veterinary bolus, pet supplements and many more…….

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Our Services

Veterinary Franchise

Veterinary knowledge & awareness among customers is growing in a big way. The demand for innovative veterinary products is rising in market. To meet the market demand we offer Veterinary Franchise. It’s a booming business to expand our horizons & meet your business needs. It is a journey of service to the speechless animals. Let’s be the part of growth & service…….



Third Party Manufacturing 

Cure up Pharma & its partner groups are a well known name in the field of veterinary products. Supply of quality veterinary products, quick delivery, attractive packing has gained a good name & share in the market. We offer veterinary products on 3rd party manufacturing basis as per the customer’s requirements. Share your requirements & be part of fast growing veterinary network…..


On line store
Veterinary feed supplements

Keeping in mind to share the benefit of our innovative veterinary products to end users with small demands we have opened online store for veterinary feed supplements. This will help small customers buy product online & get products at their door step with a small investment. This will help them to get the best value of their money with quality trust directly from the company. By buying online the customers will also get rewards bonus points. To avail benefits shop now…..



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